Click here to begin our 2013 conductor's survey.

Instrumental and choral conductors are invited to participate in an online survey of conductor's health.  Data will be analyzed and prepared for publication for the benefit of the  medical and performing arts communities.  Your participation is vitally important!

Note: We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers, as the latest Internet Explorer (version 10) has some formatting problems.  Also, if you receive the following rare message, "Survey Errors Exist: Cannot Continue!" please exit and then restart the survey as this is an uncommon, but known bug in the software that powers the survey.  

Paul Schaefer, MD, MM, is a  physician and choral conductor and is the author of the 2013  conductor's survey.  He is in residence at the University of Minnesota as a fellow in Primary Care Sports Medicine through the department of Family Medicine and Community Health.  His particular interest is in the health of performing artists.  You may contact him at info@performersmed.com.  

Please bookmark this page as survey results and additional research will be posted here in the future.